Dj Manfred

Dj Manfred


Dj Manfred is nice guy born in 1992 in in a small city of Italy Foligno, grew up listening Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Telefon Tel Aviv, Basement Jaxx.. begins to get passionate of chill out genre, and in 2011 he release out 2 album “ Eliland” and “Inner” with Ambient Chill dub contamination sounds.. at the end of 2012 in cooperation with Sanna Hartfield, they compose City Of LIghts, Deep house single track with chill out contamiation as he love.. this single has been remixed from top notch producers: Martin Roth, Alex Dimou and Phunx.. for a idgi/vinyl release on Midi Mood Records


Agency: Midi Mood Booking


The artist

Nationality: Italian

Resident in: Italy

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