Hermann Barrie

Hermann Barrie


Ermanno Gnecco alias Hermann Barrie born in Savona 02/06/1981.
He grews listening to different music the groove by Aretha Franklin and the Blues Brothers, the sounds of giants Pink Floyd, Beatles and the Who and dark atmospheres of the new wave the most Orthodox, in short, a cocktail with thousands of ingredients, which says much about the formation of this dj.
Besides the passion in playing discs, it is born in himself the desire of saying his own opinion, of being able to express at 100% in his work and so is that he begins as self-taught person studying on Ableton Live.
The desire to being a producer will carry him to the union with the friend Giovanni Bonnì alias Jo Gaetano and consequentelly, to the birth of the artistic duet The House Fever.
Together with Sunny People, famous promoter of events on ligurian panorama and not only, they appear on the electronic-music clubs, playing first at Sanremo’s Club 178, where they will be plasured to share the consolle with Antonello Love and Andrea Introvigne, and then at Alassio’s Porto.
Later, the collaboration with Francis K Dj will bring them to work at Loano’s B-Fly on tuesday’s Beat Boat Party.it, is important to remember Alex Neri’s overture.
In a moment of stop for the duet, Hermann Barrie decides to continue his productions, considering that the requests received for live performance are concerning only commercial music, reality he feels not to belong anymore
Between his creations one in particular, “I’m inspired 2013″ will be chosen an produced from Midi Mood Records, realising one of his most aspiration And is in Turin that the artist will have the opportunity of performing at DOCTOR SAX club, that doesn’t need presentation, Thanks to the opportunity collaboration with Gambo Dj and organizer of n.1 after party in Italy.
In his hits appear the influences that contaminated him the most in the last years, from London and Berlin Underground, passing through French sketching melodies, never obviously forgetting Italy with its badlam and its romanticism. Thinking at Hermann Barrie means thinking of his dark and melanchonic sounds, which are representative of his spirit, of his way of playing without following a logic but choosing with (through) his feelings the hits one by one, always being able to recreate the magic of the club, that mood in wich bodies become one thing moving together at the unison, on the same wave in their musical journey



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Nationality: Italian

Resident in: Italy

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