Lumia Dee

Lumia Dee


Eccentric, innovative, experimental, acid, psychedelic, 100% techno. Milo Dodi, aka Lumia Dee was artistically born as a DJ in the first half of the year 2010, when, after years of guitar, flute and keyboard decides to try a new and original musical genre. The love of techno music manifests itself immediately, and, caught by the various psychedelic sounds of acid \ experimental techno, Milo decides after a few months to buy Ableton Live 8 and approach the composition of electronic music by means of software and hardware. Inspired by the Berlin techno and taking full advantage of their varied and vast musical knowledge (Knowledge of music ranging from rock to classical music, from blues to heavy metal, from rap to chill) he manages with great naturalness to give life to a genre that through the acid techno, comes to the more eccentric experimental music. An artist who knows how to deftly move from psychedelic music to hard techno, from deep techno to tech-house …. a complete artist, able to play with the various synth transforming his emotions into music. Not least are his DJ-sets, characterized by an accurate selection of music, the result of a critical and continuous listening to various artists. Macbook, sound cards, Traktor, Ableton, MIDI keyboards, X1, F1, Vinyl, CDJ …. technological set-ups are always present in his DJ set. An artist who looks to the future without forgetting the past


Agency: Midi Mood


The artist

Nationality: Italian

Resident in: Italy

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