The word “Bodhisattva” is composed of bodhi, which means “wisdom of the Buddha” and sattva, “be aware”
The Buddha’s wisdom is the wisdom that the Bodhisattva by acting entirely for the good of others.
With this philosophy begins this records label.
Life’s mission will search for the most deep and underground sounds
can awaken your senses and bring to a state of light music

submit your demo only with soundcloud private set link to: bodhisattva[at]

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Midi Mood Music Group DEMO POLICY:
We’re always glad to listen to new stuff, so, if you want to join our family, follow these simply rules:
Send a Private streaming link (via Soundcloud only) to:

Demos for Midi Mood Records - Picche Records - Diagonal: demo[at]

Demos for 99 Waves: demo[at]

[at] means: @ ;-)

Only FULL tracks will be listened .
Any stuff that don’t respect the requested standards or sent thru any other way WILL NOT BE LISTENED TO.
Due to the amount of requests we receive every day, we will answer you just if really interested in your works.