Impellizzeri & Stupia – People Made Of Dark Acid (Vinyl Only) [MIMO04]

Impellizzeri & Stupia – People Made Of Dark Acid (Vinyl Only) [MIMO04]

Label: Midi Mood Records

Release date: 2014-05-06

Catalog number: MIMO04

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> People Made Of Dark Acid
Impellizzeri & Stupia
> Busy
Impellizzeri & Stupia
> All Fat
Impellizzeri & Stupia

Midi Mood says BIG welcome to the label roster to Mario Impellizzeri and Luigi Stupia, two guys coming from the hottest italian island, they knows what is underground club music infact their EP has been selected for a vinyl only release the A side is composed from two tracks “People Made Of Dark Acid” and ” Busy” the first one essentially is a techno/house track with a funky moogy moody baseline, hypnotic groove and solid beat the added value is made by pitched down vocal, can be define it essentially raw! Busy is on the same footprint of the previous track but more cheerful with a unbelievable funky drop followed of a straight beat, in this track the vocal part is a classic rap developed in time, perfect for mind shaking and body moving. The B side is the surprise! All Fat is a real Fat track! the song start with a fantastic intro lasting about 2 minutes the rest is characterized of a simple but crazy and hypnotic beat backed by a sub bass.. after the second drop to rule the roost is the fattest analog moogy synth line, fat and trippy.. this track is truly a bomb!

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